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Creating an online art gallery using PHP | Programming assignment help

An online art gallery is a web space that is developed to exhibit and sell artistic work by many renowned artists. Each painter and artist are allotted their online space where they can add their paintings and craft online and viewers can buy or bid on them using an algorithm system based on PHP. The app promotes art and culture of specific region or artists or sometimes a cluster of artist forms a sponsored website to promote their art. Students pursuing majors in computer science can look for programming assignment help portal that only hires proficient to write any codes for the program in PHP and Java. This portal mainly consists of three access modules in the system which are listed below:

Admin: Admin has the supreme authority over all the hierarchy, and can access all the authority functions like add an artist workspace, remove an artist if he does not follow web community guidelines. Admin can add new offers and regulations which deems necessary. Admin can update and change the portal’s functionality or add some new extension or features to make the portal more stunning.

User: User is enabled to see all art collections and read the backstory to it, they can add suggestions or report an issue which they encounter while browsing the website. User can look for the perfect artefact that will look alluring in his home and buy it. If buying option is not available he can enrol himself for the bidding which is announced on a particular date.

Artist: The painters and artist will have their own workspace and they can access all the customize functions available for their workspace. They can add their art collection and write their description or origin for the specific art. He can mention the minor details and series of events that inspired him to create that specific artefact.

The practicality and coding of this program can be quite challenging and it is advised to refer programming assignment help before you start coding for the same.


A brief overview of languages

The program consist usage of following languages:

  • Cascading style sheets (CSS) to create an attractive layout of the portal

  • HTML web development language to create and save the documents.

  • Bootstrap is known for designing a responsive website which has mobile-friendly access.

  • JavaScript language is normally used with web browsers.

  • For the backend process and data processing PHP and MySql is used.

  • PHP is widely known to create dynamic webpages in XML, HTML or other document formats. PHP is open to almost all languages.

  • MySql is used as a database mostly used to access querying, managing data and updating it in the database.

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